Paugge 4×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Model Name: ENT-MX20B4X4

☆ HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 compliant
☆ Video resolution up to 4K2K@60Hz (YUV 4:4:4) on all HDMI ports
☆ Support 18Gbps video bandwidth
☆ Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG are supported.
☆ Support 4K->1080P Down Scaler for each output port
☆ HDMI audio pass-through up to 7.1CH HD audio (LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio)
☆ Audio de-embedded is supported via analog and coax ports
☆ AOC Fiber HDMI 2.0 & 2.1 Support
☆ ARC, CEC and smart EDID management are supported
☆ Control via front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232, LAN and Web GUI

Paugge ENT-MX20B4X4 Main Features

Paugge 18Gbps 4×4 HDMI Matrix supports the transmission of video (resolution up to 4K2K@ 60Hz YUV 4:4:4) and multi-channel high resolution digital audio from 4 HDMI sources to 4 HDMI displays.

Audio de-embedded to coaxial audio is supported from 4 HDMI output ports. While HDMI output ARC function is enabled, the ARC audio from HDMI display devices will be extracted to coaxial audio output.

Each HDMI output of this 4×4 HDMI Matrix supports 4K2K to 1080P downscaler independently. Control via front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232, LAN and Web GUI.

Paugge Matrix Switch has 21 factory defined EDID settings, 2 user-defined EDID modes and 16 copy EDID modes. You can select defined EDID mode or copy EDID mode to input port through front panel buttons, RS-232 control or Web GUI.

The Web GUI is a web-based application that control Matrix Switch menu  in a web browser. Certain Matrix Switch menu can also be displayed on mobile devices.

Features of the Web GUI
Multiple different clients can connect to the Matrix Switch Web GUI through a supported browser or mobile device. The actions that the clients can conduct after they have logged in are dependent on their client type and user roles. The Web GUI has user roles associated with standard client types.